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June 02, 2014


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Beth Brookfield

I have a question: I've been told that one should never say that a flag has a "burn" mark on it. For example: the Star Spangled Banner did have holes and some burn marks on it after the fighting stopped in the harbor. Therefore, the flag was still there with "smudge and tatter." I've run into flag enthusiasts who give me a hard time if I say "the flag had burn marks on it." Is there a unknown etiquette surrounding such descriptions of American Flags through history?


Thanks for this interesting info. Makes me want to make a trip to the museum to see the flag in person.

Craig Howell

Eight stars appeared in the March 1861 Confederate flag, yet only 7 states had officially seceded by that time. What does the 8th star represent: KY? MO? MD?

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