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May 20, 2014


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Barbara Atencio

I married an FFA alumnus and all 3 sons were in FFA. They all use skills they learned in their VoAg classes every day. FFA taught them so many life skills and hands on learning. FFA encouraged good character and a strong work ethic. All the boys can weld, & fix just about anything. They can speak intelligently about most anything especially ranching and farming. They all take their responsibilities in life serious and they are all great husbands and fathers. FFA and of course God had a big part in their lives. FFA also helped restore our 100 barn in MI. What a special gift that was. I can't say enough good things about FFA.

Colleen R. Kensler

I joined 4-H as a child and learned how to sew, cook, knit, raise swine, sheep, and cattle. I was in FFA when it was not cool for a girl to be in the group. My agriculture courses further prepared me for my life and the contests built confidence that was very needed to accomplish things at my job. These skills have been very valuable to me in my life as I am and have been a farmer's daughter, a Road Commissioner's wife, an AG in the Classroom Coordinator, a 4-H leader for 20 years, an employee for the local Soil and Water Conservation District, and most importantly a mother and grandmother. My children were all in 4-H and two of three were in FFA with one getting her state degree. There has been at no time in my life that I did not use some part of my 4-H and FFA skills. Very valuable and very useful as I now have grandchildren in 4-H and becoming the 5th generation to begin their learning adventure in that organization.

Garrett Kreft

I was in Alvin FFA for six from jr. high to my senior year in high school. By the time I graduated, I showed a goat, 6 lambs and 4 pigs. I was on numerous LDE and CDE teams and went to state with the dairy judging team. I learned a mass amount of knowledge from being in FFA and wish I could have done more. The FFA was the best thing that ever happened to me. I even went to college because of the FFA from winning so many awards over the years and I got two scholarships from the FFA.

Sandy Skrien

I joined 4-H in 6th grade and stayed very active through 12th grade graduation and beyond. I grew up in a very northern rural area without much agriculture but lots of forest land. I wasn't much good at sewing or cooking and recently I found all my 4-H award pins...most of them were for Leadership. Now I hold a leadership position in the USDA Forest Service. My favorite part of 4-H writing a speech every year and competing. Writing a 4-H speech enabled me to also use it to enter the original oration High School competition. I loved talking in front of people and still do. I have talked to groups of people, led guided hikes and walks in several parts of the country and overseas. Thank you 4-H. My head, my heart, my hands....I think I still live by this motto.

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