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January 01, 2014


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Great information - I'll keep this in mind for my next birthday celebration or new years.

Brian J

How about just drinking enough water whilst drinking alcohol during the night and before going to bed?

It's not surefire, but it seems to be incredibly effective in ensuring no major hang over the next day.

Many hang over problems (headache, for example) are because of dehydration...drinking dehydrates you, which then means your brain doesn't have enough liquid, and so it isn't 'padded' by the usual water, and is more prone to bounce around, if you'd like to put it that way.

Anyway, I know that's not the point...I got a kick out of these historical remedies!

David O

When I was an aircraft engineer I used to use the emergency oxygen in the airplanes cockpit to clear my hangover. I would only need about 5 minutes of 100% pure oxygen and my head was clear as a bell. I also drink lots of water whilst drinking alcohol so as to cancel the effects of dehydration the next morning.


Basic bicarbonate of soda can help. In fact, it's a great measure for many diseases. Doctors all over the world know about its magic features, they just conceal true facts for us to still give them our money for expensive medicine. But I prefer not to drink at all.
The article is interesting from historical point of view. Thanks!


Lol, oh my god those old medicines... And I have to say you published this excactly at right time. ;)


Well, they don't make labels like they used to, that's for sure. That Brioschi label is a little work of art!

John S.

A hyper-relevant post I'd say! It saddens me I just read it, would have been a great help yesterday, just imagine working in a hotel on new year's eve!

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