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November 14, 2013


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Richard Kutsch  Florence, Oregon, area

Smithsonian's treatment of Ben Franklin's walking stick is an example of teflon-coated history. No mention that the admiring french lady who gave Franklin the stick was the mother of the Regiment Royal Deux-Ponts Officer who led the successful charge on Redoubt # 9 at the Battle of Yorktown. The walking stick had a lot more meaning to George Washington than Smithsonian types let on.

Palm Beach Geek

First off let me say, if anyone ever has the chance to visit the Smithsonian do yourself a favor and spend a day there. Absolutely amazing place and my 4 and 5 y/o's (at the time) didnt want to leave... I totally agree viewing history through artifacts is a much more interesting way of learning. My kids are normally hyper but their attention was soo fixated on the artifacts that when we explained what they where and their history.. that even now, a year later they both have a passion for history and particularly excavation. You should see all the holes I had to fill in the back yard.

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