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October 28, 2013


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Thanks, Kvenkats, for your question.

The Druggists Circular in April 1919 lists the price of the Mulford rabies outfit at $50.


Thank you, Diane, for this interesting information. Do you know how much the rabies kit cost in the 1920s?

Heather Sewell

My husband & I live in neighboring Loudoun County & had to go through rabies vaccines in August. We discovered we had been unknowingly living with a gigantic colony of bats in our attic for months, with the bats having free & ready access into the living areas the entire time. Naturally, since bat bites can often never be detected, we had no way to know if we had been bitten or not. Thus we were ordered to get the vaccine.
As bad as we thought the rabies vaccines we had to go through were, this article really makes me even more profoundly grateful for the advancements in vaccine science!! I ended up having 7 shots the first night, then three additional administrations of a single shot, spaced out over the following two weeks. MUCH better than the original rabies vaccine!
That said, I'll certainly be toasting to the amazingly talented & skilled Louis Pasteur! Even ages after his death, he's still saving lives with his multiple significant contributions to science. Now my husband & I owe him our lives too.

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