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August 05, 2013


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Ma Pang

This is a great tip. I have downloaded and print out the guide. It comes in just nice as I will be bringing my kids to the museum. The main problem I face when I visited the museum with kids is that the kid seems to be intimated by the paintings and statue. They will hung on closely and will soon cry. I have to bring the kid out quickly as I do not want to affect the others.


Prepare before you go. If you are going to look at paintings of animals, know specifically where they can be found. Look at the museum directory, preferably ahead of time. For many museums, this is something you can do online. Decide on only one or two exhibits to visit. You can always come back another time and kids will get more out of their visits if they really take time to look at each item in one exhibit.

Ron Miller

We took our 2 yr old to the Smithsonian and he did great. Between the trains and cars it was fairly easy, he wanted to know what was around each corner


I would agree with Peter and Mark, my older one would not let me use my camera. She becomes the owner of the camera. She takes a lot of photos.

A very well articulated article. Thanks for sharing.


This article is so true, my kids are so bored when we go to the museum or somethink that is for older people, but when we take our camera, toys they are so sweet the whole day.

Mark @ Truck Shipping

Yes, kids love taking pictures with their favorite things. I liked reading thoroughly and would like to appreciate you for sharing this awesome article.

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