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April 10, 2013


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"a moment the World was One, and cheered."

Well said!


I loved the art of blackboard with notes, this technique should be implemented in all the museums of the world.


And people just think that social media is for kids. I believe it's so important to stay connected to your audience by all means of communications.

V Hall

As a museum educator, I found this post inspiring. We have a social media presence, but find it difficult to inspire a response from our followers. I love the idea of a whiteboard with sticky notes!

I think feedback from the local community is key to helping us stay relevant in both exhibits and public programming.


As an avid lover of the museums we have access to here in Houston I would love to see such community outreach projects around here.

It's challenging to start meaningful conversations with "end users" or the general public sometimes I would imagine, however you guys seem to be doing a great job.

Kudos on the "talk back board" it looks really cool.

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