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February 13, 2013


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A great ending to a love story! They are a beautiful couple.


It's a very beautiful story! The pictures tell more than 1000 words..


Thanks Dwight! What an amazing family story, cheers for sharing it with us! Love the photos too!


Thank you for this wonderfull love stories.
Through my reading to number of bloggs and from my personal life i do believe that "love story" exist every where. Whatever the condition you put people in it: war, peace, lock them out, in a city, in relegious town, in corupted town...
That means that love do exist around us. Just like the wind. U can't feel it. But it is there.
Any way sorry for the long comment and i hope you post more of them
best regards..


Wow, Dwight. Thank you so much for sharing this family story with us. We truly appreciate it.

Erin B.
New Media Dept.
National Museum of American History

Dwight Onchi

My parents, Jim Onchi & Fumi Yumibe also met & married in Camp Jerome on March 26, 1944 when my dad was on a 3 day pass. My dad just passed away on January 24, 2013 @ 94yrs old, bd.ut my parents love story & pictures will live on @ the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Potland.

Lowongan Terbaru

What a lovely love stories. A great inheritance despite the World War II. I think it should be made a movie.

Love sms

Truely love always persevere and overcome all kinds of sadness and turmoils


Hi, Pablo. Where we wrote, "Each one showed great care and feeling if not skill," we meant that it showed great care, feeling, AND skill. We apologize for the mistake and appreciate you catching it.

New Media Dept.
National Museum of American History

Pablo Stanfield

A lovely love story. Who doesn't love a love story? But why ruin it by qualifying Paul's little gifts as made with not great skill? You make one of those cute little things with a pocket knife, buster. Don't judge.

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