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December 13, 2012


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D. Small

Your family menorah is the same as the one my Great Grandfather brought with him from Lithuania in 1904. It is comforting that these objects reflect not only family memories, but also traditions of the larger community. No tin foil here, but freezing--that's a good tip!

Clabbe Bjurstrom

A great article indeed.
Being born and grew up in Sweden, a very secular society, I do value traditions.
However, dont you feel that todays society in a way have "smugged" off all that what was traditions with commercialism?

Today it seems that it is more important on who can buy the most expensive gifts then the true meaning of the holidays.

Personally I looking forward to bring out the old porcelin sculpture that I inherited from my grandmother produced in the 1930s comparing to any Disney produced "holiday" item.

Michael Weiner

Great post! No matter who you are, sometimes the most meaningful artifacts are those that represent your own unique religious and cultural heritage. As a Jew, I have always felt attached to beautiful menorahs, Torah scrolls, and other unique cultural objects.

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