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November 08, 2012


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woow ! what a great article. I didn't no that people were so intelligent in that part of time.


Great post! I like to tell everyone that technology in the CW is more familiar than they think.For all things USS Monitor, see NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary and The Mariners'Museum USS Monitor Center. We keep a blog on our artifact conservation work of USS Monitor objects!


Awesome article right here. I've read my share of information regarding the civil war, but never came across a note about the aerial spies. I had no idea that balloons were used to spy from the heights :)

Frank Bentley

Wow! Thank you for this eye opening article.I never and I could not have realized that the civil war was seem to be high tech in some way.

Pvt Peter Hail Camp 1647

One technologic advance I expected to see was the CSS H.L. Hunley--known today to Sons of Confederate Veterans members as SS-1 (attack submarine 1--CSN). Since the Hunley was the fist submarine in history to sink an enemy warship and possessed many technological advances, I would think it should be included.

Curt Tipton
Adjutant, Arizona Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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