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November 15, 2012


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I love visiting the Smithsonian any chance I get. child


I believe Stanley will be the future car for everybody especially the busy executive people. Who knows Ford Motor and Toyota will mass-produce another Stanley, a driver-less vehicle. Imagine, you are traveling daily to your work place and home without driver, or you can take your breakfast along the way.

Playstation 3 Reparatie

What an asset to the National Air and Space Museum!


I love visiting the Smithsonian any chance I get. As an avid long time amateur radio operator, I like to see that this link in our communications time line preserved. Actually, I think that Ham Radio communication and its interest is starting to expand again. Heaven forbid, but if we loose our satellite communications for some reason, say a CME, ham radio may become more popular than ever.


Such an insightful post--both into how curatorial decisions about displaying an artifact can yield multiple interpretations of the object's importance/influence, and into the anxieties around collecting contemporary artifacts. Thank you for providing a little window into the museum!

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