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October 31, 2012


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Thank you, all, for sharing these stories, reflections, and memories!

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Erica Carter

Its always interesting to find out the history of an object. It seems amazing that the Batagella Game is an older version of today's pinball machine. It has a rich history and a great evolution to becoming the modern pinball machine.

Ananda Dhital

pinball is most famous game in shopping mall in Nepal which is also my all time favorite game,thanks for the article much appreciated

Website Development

It takes less of a leap of imagination to jump from Children's Bagatelle to modern-day Pinball machines of the sort that have graced any self-respecting amusement arcade from the 1930's onwards.


Brought back memories of my childhood. We had not one,not two, but THREE cool bagatelle tables, and one of them had mechanical pinball-style flippers at the bottom. I don't recall what they were called, if they had a name. That was about 40 years ago, and they did seem pretty old even then. As a child I was endlessly fascinated by these games and was always dreaming of creating my own table!

Jason Read

got to love an old school game of bagatelle, but pinball is a lot better! interesting post, great read. :)

Alessandra Martins

These games is great part of our history!
Just amazing.


You know!! pinball is also popular domestic game in rural bangladesh.
It's version is called "bagaduli".


wow, very interesting.

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