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October 19, 2012


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Dreams of war

Thank you for the article and the amazing pictures. Fascinating topic.

Rob Popkey

Battle of Gettysburg image is very nice. I also love films like that and to keep in touch with the history it is a good way.

Thanks for sharing the story with us, I just love this blog.

Well wisher
Rob Popkey


this article is very interesting, i have watched a few reinactments in UK and find them facinating


fantastic article thank you

Marc Hoellerer

I love films like this, but good ones are hardly produced today. It's a pity. I think we can learn a lot from history, and interesting films can bring the benefits of knowing about history to much more people that documentaries can.


Brian, since nobody came forward to claim the accident did you ever consider it was not an accident?
Other than that I envy you for the experience of taking part of a historical shoot.

Marty Bertera

Very cool, I enjoyed the story.

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