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October 03, 2012


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Dim Goev

Interesting one...especially about the concept to make portrets without faces on them, but only with objects.

American Philatelic Foundation

With or without her face on, this is a portrait of her soul.


Hilarious ! :))


Hi Erin,

I loved the idea of the word cloud you created! Are you able to share the software or website to create it? Thanks!

Humberto Capiro

OK, then where is the DRUM!! Just that change could mean EVERYTHING!


Humberto and Zelde, thank you so much for your comments.

Artist Robert Weingarten never includes the images of the people he portrays in his portraits. Instead, he creates a biographical portrait including images of places, objects, documents, etc that represent the person. We asked blog readers to tell us what was important to them about Cruz's life and gave Weingarten that list to inspire him as well as access to photograph our collections. This is the resulting artwork.

In my personal opinion, the experience of looking at the artwork is a little different in person than it is online. It's easier to see the many different objects, images, and subtle details that represent Cruz when standing in front of this giant artwork. Online, the layers may not be as easy to discern. If you can come see it in person, we hope you do!

Thanks again for commenting!

- Erin, blog team member

Dania "chacha"

Azuca!! Love it!!! She will forever live in our hearts and soul.


This is a terrible representation of Celia!!!! Where is SHE???? Her beautiful, iconic face???? Please reconsider!!!! WE WANT THE TRUE CELIA!!!!!

Humberto Capiro

This is a "portrait"?? So where is her ICONIC FACE?? You can't even tell she was Afro-Cuban! UNACCEPTABLE!

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