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September 12, 2012


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Cool dog dude! Saw some videos about military dog and boy they are awesome, good for you that can keep him.

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Working dogs are so helpful!

Brown Smith

i have a pug though its not like giant and very active one but still i love him

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Birmingham Plumber! We are also amazed at the feats working dogs accomplish.

Birmingham Plumber

Never ceases to amaze me how much you can train dogs. Growing up I had a pet German shepherd that I loved dearly; his name was Boss. My parents ended up giving him to the local police where they trained him.

Years later I started working for a plumbing company out in Birmingham, AL that I'm still employed with and we had to go fix some plumbing at the local police station and guess who was there! I still go see him whenever I get a chance and bring some treats.

The owner of southern home services the company I'm working for out in Birmingham, AL loves pets and is an avid sponsor to lost cats & dogs in birmingham.

If you ever want any posts to help out in Native American topics just let me know. My mother is an avid writer on native American history and I'm sure she'd love to write for you guys sometimes.

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