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August 28, 2012


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DJ Newcastle

I can't remember my earliest memory of going to a museum but I do remember that as soon as I was free to travel without my parents every holiday I would visit a museum with friends: Natural history, war, science, and art were all worthy of equal interest and I feel more rounded because of it. The root was having parents that allowed me the freedom to express my natural curiosity and encouraging me to discover answers for myself


Thanks for commenting, Susie! Do you have tips for nine-month-old museum visits? Anything you look for or do while there?

Susie Wilkening

Exactly, Megan! It is never too early to start! My 9-month-old loves looking at period rooms (clearly my child).


We've got some interesting comments about this blog post from Twitter followers of the museum (@amhistorymuseum).

@diggrrl said,"My daughter has taught me more about Egyptian mummies & ancient culture, based on her interest sparked by visits to NMNH!"

@diggrrl also gave her advice for bringing kids to museums: "1) Bring snacks (don't eat them in the museum!), 2) Make it a game - "I spy a . . . ," 3) ask what they think, and LISTEN!"

@_Guesty_ tweeted about her favorite museum as a kid: "The Natural History museum was a fav cos they had a big T.Rex which used to scare me! Think its in @thinktankmuseum now..."

@sptbghistory, which represents three historic sites and a museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina, commented, "Great advice! We love when little ones visit!"

@MarDixon commented that seeing the airplanes hanging from the ceiling at the National Air and Space Museum was a powerful childhood experience for her.

@KingBSigns remembered visiting Chicago-area museums as a kid and mused that museums that have free or inexpensive admission tend to be easier for families to visit.

What's YOUR advice for bringing kids to museums? Do you have memories of childhood museum visits, good or bad?


I think, kids can go to a museum when they 're 8, then they understand better!

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