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August 31, 2012


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craft beer drinker

Too many corporations outsource jobs that could otherwise go to local workforces. How else is an economy going to grow?

Briann Greenfield

If the history in the labor movement tells us anything it is that politicians alone are not the solution to a nations problems. Without organized workers we wouldn't have things like the 40 hour work week, safety laws, child labor laws, secure retirements, or salaries to support a middle class lifestyle. The problem is that not enough workers have those benefits and the labor movement must extend the fight. Happy Labor Day!


Labor Day is not really something to get excited about considering the REAL unemployment rate in America.


I think it's very important to know the history about the making Labor Day. Because it contains important messages that we should not forget, especially for the present generation.


God Bless America. Happy Labor Day to all the workers in our Nation. Hang in there America. We working to get you back to a better place. New Leadership with Mitt Romney will be a start in the right track. One Nation under God. May God allow us to continue to be blessed in all we do. I pray this for Her. I love America.

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