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July 18, 2012


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Wilma Rudolph has always been an inspiration to me. I understand how devastating polio can be firsthand watching my father-in-law heroically provide for his family while dealing with the crippling disease. Compound that with segregation and the discrimination of the day. She was an amazing individual as well as a world class athlete. I am sure this is a great read.


These look like wonderful stories! Now just to find some children to foist them on!

Amanda Gustin

Hooray for eventing! Since you mention it, Life in the Galloping Lane, David and Karen O'Connor's memoir, is a great book about equestrian sport. Karen O'Connor will be competing in London on her new horse Mr. Medicott.

Maxam Media

We often focus on the negative rather than spending our energy on positive aspects in life. This is a great example of people who looked forward and overcome any and all odds. It is truly inspirational to learn about people who overcome various misfortunes to becoming recognized as the best in the world!


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