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May 11, 2012


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Mirta Ransom

It was hard to choose betwen Murphy,and Celia.They are in differents categories.Murphy was a hero,no honor enough,Celia have a lot of honors in this life.She was cuban as the sugar cane,i love her more here in the exile.Because she was the soul,and songs of Cuba.Mirta Ransom,Brandon Florida.

Jose J Rivero

I just voted for Celia Cruz, a very
patriotic woman, as well as a very accomplished singer of cuban origins. When asked about her feelings for the USA she answered very strongly that she was born in Cuba but was always in love with the USA which adopted her when she was rejected everywhere. At that time everyone was in love with Fidel Castro, the sworn enemy of this country.

Alfonso Taboada

I'm vote for Celia because she is our Queen.

Hilda Suris

Celia Cruz was a very special person and a great singer. She will be a grand addition to the Smithsonian.

Claudia Quintana

For Celia Cruz, a great human being, superb singer and charming personality. AZZZZZucar! A Latin American ambassador!

José M. López Sierra

Excellent Latin American artist, whose unique voice of a seal, always full Estadium, plazas and homes for the enjoyment of those who, before and now, and we continue hearing it and loving it.

Handher A

There are not many people like Celia Cruz!!! Always a simple and charismatic person till the end, and she gave us such great music!!! As well she represented us throughout the world as a Cuban black woman and above all, a Latin-American icon we should feel proud of!!!!!



Enrique Enriquez

Celia Cruz was loved from everybody who had the privilege to know her,and her humanitarian work collecting funds to fight cancer, helping who ever needs it, bringing joy and hope all over the world.

Enrique Rodriguez

She was our queen of salsa and a beautiful person will live on forever ( azucar)

claudio D. Mateos

my vote, is for the great singer, and best
Cuban representatives the great CELIA azucar

niurka lorenzo

Celia Cruz was a wonderful singer, when you hear her music you are inspired to dance

Arnaldo Gonzalez

Audie Muphy was a real hero, the most condecorated soldier in WW2 and I think He must represent the courage, freedom and most valuables convictions of this great country


Celia, great woman, proudly cuban, an excepcional human being. We always miss her music, her voice, and her laugh...
Please vote for Celia!!!

maria campo

She was a great artist for the America continent. She had the talent and character of a gran lady Latin Jazz singer.


Celia... forever!!!


Celia Cruz hands down!

dewight - empower

Audie Murphy of course! He's my hometown hero!

Rodolfo Torres

Como todos los grandes, Celia Cruz sigue estando presente en los ánimos de quienes la escuchamos y bailamos al ritmo de su voz. Es presencia viva entre los amantes de la buena música.


I remember when She call her husband mi cabecita de algodon,Pedro, they love each other like creizi,, and he love wasching her singing and dancing, with the peaple at the stage,, anywere, they when, for a show,, or presentacion, magnificent,they never had children but, she give a lot to children, with cancer, and pore, flamilys, all over,very dedicated, for Charity,, any where,, a truly wonderfull,,,,and all those wigs she use, for each presentation, cute,,

Jacob Goldstein MD

CELIA CRUZ was the grand lady of latin american music. Her portrait will be a wonderful addition to the Smithsonian


I vote for Celia Cruz, she was the bests in salsa, wuawuacoo, merenge, and she was a star from begining, to the end, and She has sabor latino,, in her blood and AZUCAR,, for her,, rest in peace,,,it won be no other like Her,, for sure,,,,,in the latino, music,,,as a woman,, fabulosa,,,

Eunice Rodriguez

She carried herself with poise and integrity, displaying the utmost level of character. This is demonstrated by her music and the legacy she now leaves behind.

Jesus Carreno

Celia Cruz was, is and will be the best singer and exponent of all Hispanics and their culture, a life full of triumphs and flawless attitude to their personal and artistic, such that we should all imitate.

Miriam Arencibia de Sarmiento

Celia Cruz was not only a good singer with a solid voice, but a person of high moral character and a great christian who donated millions to charity organizations without telling the world about it! She was also an activist who loved her country. "SHE WAS A TRUE LEADER"

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