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May 11, 2012


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David Williams

Looks to me that this whole vote is rigged, as the only comments allowed on here are for the cuban? Really? Not very subtle. Too obvious.

maria diaz

Celia Cruz represented Cuba a jewel of an artist. Anti communist and a hard working person.

Maria Benavides

A great singer and a beautiful person, I had the honor of knowing her personally . She deserves this .

Hilda Perez-Shafer

I voted for Celia Cruz because she represented many good things, sorry she left us, we enjoyed her music and love for all people.

Sheryn Jiggetts

Celia Cruz, a most courageous, talented and beautiful woman. We share the same birthday!! Love her. She lives forever!!

Sonia Tulier

Our vote is for Celia Cruz. A woman with a love and passion for music. One of our great stars that is missed all over the world as well as bringing her best to humanity. The finest voice and artist. Her music continues
to live deeply in our souls. Won so many
well deserved Grammy awards and definitely the
QUEEN OF SALSA and love for the Hispanic community.

Peggy Rodriguez

Celia Cruz, an icon, a legend who thrilled us all with her music,voice, and passion for rhythm. What a unique style she had.To me this Cuban lady was the one and only.


Estela | May 19, 2012 at 07:00 AM
What a Cuban hater you are! Probably a Castro Agent and or apologist!

The Miami Herald : Adiós to the Queen of Salsa

"On April 7, 1962, her mother died in Cuba. But Celia wasn't allowed to return for the burial. The government, which saw her as a traitor, did everything in its power to erase her from the collective memory. Celia Cruz records were considered contraband. They circulated anyway, and her freshest hits were beamed from Miami radio to the island's still-fervent fans, but she was always piqued by the fact she wasn't mentioned in music books published in Cuba after the revolution."


They're all great. But Celia Cruz wins it for me. Her career expanded almost 70 years and it included more than just music. If you don't know about Celia Cruz spend a few minutes funding out. When she died more than 500,000 people showed up for her funeral in NYC and Miami.

Manuel Diaz de la Cruz

Miss Celia Cruz was a Patriot for her Country, she was considered an Icon for South America.

Marilyn Rios

Although they are all great Americans, my vote is for Celia Cruz. She was one of a kind with grace and dignity. Her music was heard worldwide.
I visited her final resting place@ woodlawn cemetery in the Bronx. She rests peacefully next to her Pedro Mcknight.

Rose Fernandez

Celia Cruz was the Queen of Salsa.
It is an honor to vote for her.

Tracey Y. Smith

I had the pleasure of working wth Celia Cruz and she was a wonderful, classy and warm lady. She remains a musical icon that has influenced scores of artists across musical genres. She was a beautiful, Black Latina with an amazing heart and spirit.

Graciela Sanchez

Celia Cruz was the Best of the Best..!!! She was great, and put the name of all cubans in a high position over the world, a patriotic woman and died before seen her free country...AZUCAR

Aleida Yepez

I loved Celia

She had an amazing personality & talent


The Queen of the Cuban and all hispanic music, who did not hear "AZUCAR" al least one on a life time? All remember her participation on the movie The Mambo Kings with Excel figures of the cinematographic industries. She was worldwide know it!!!

Andrea Muxart

Celia Cruz was an excellent person and a great performer of the latin music.She deserves that honor.


Rosa Noriega

Celia Cruz was a grateful immigrant, fiercely defending what America stands for. She was a woman of high moral character, charm and talent. A woman whose personal gain did not take precedent to her intellectual honesty in proc laimig all over the world her political convictions and love for freedom and free enterprise. Celia was a Cuban/American who deeply loved both lands and cultures, and chose to be free!

Carlos Alvarez del Castillo

Celia Cruz was, is and will be, the most recognized historical world figure. Her music, her style and her love for others, are part of our Cuban American Heritage.
She was a great lady !

 Barbaro Lorenzo

Celia Cruz was inmortalalized by her great talent and charisma, and olso for her estrog voice suporting an ideal of freedom to her mother contry Cuba and the people. I see the merit in all of the five contenders but my vote is for The Queen of Salsa: Celia Cruz.

Paul Umpierre

Knowing La Diva CELIA CRUZ back in 1948 when she was with Sonara Matancera not only she has the voice of an ANGEL she was sweet and tender with the fans and did see her for the first time in my neighborhood Reparto Lawton(CUBA) Were she build the dream house for HER Mother. She usefully talk to everybody with the Big smile always. We miss you CELIA and I know you are in HEAVENS.

Argelia Carracedo

The Cuban mulata Celia Cruz, with her talent as a great artist was able to accomplish what many politicians haven't been able to do. Not only was she able to erase the barriers of race, but she also brought together all levels of society.
Not only Cubans or Latinos danced to her music, but people of many different cultural backgrounds. With her songs we all became ONE PEOPLE.

Jaime D Cebada Mora

I have the opportunity to meet in Havana in 1960 both Pedro and Celia at the "JohnyDrinks" Night Club in Miramar or el Vedado . We were intorduce to both by a couple that were acting than nite in this night club. We spend abour 2 hours talking and conversing about many things . What impres me the most was the simplicity and the charm of this wonderful couple. Was a memorable evening for me and friend.
Of course she will always be in my memory . Iam 71 years old left Cuba by plane Pam Am . N.Y. VA.DC.now Fl present time. God Bless Celia and Pedrito.


Although CELIA CRUZ is perhaps without a doubt the BEST FEMALE singer in the genre of MAMBO/Afro-Cuban dance music, I find it very difficult to vote for her over AUDIE MURPHY, FREDERICK DOUGLASS, & ALICE PAUL. As far as CELIA CRUZ escaping tyranny as someone commented, that was NOT difficult all she had to do was get on a plane because CASTRO allowed people who were dissidents to LEAVE Cuba. He did not hold them against their will. There are many great singers in CUBA currently who DO NOT want to leave and recognize the gains made by their revolution and the hardships due to the U.S. HELMS-BURTON BLOCKADE against a country which wants to be SELF-GOVERNED without mafia and foreign interests controlling it economically.
AUDIE MURPHY, FREDERICK DOUGLASS, & what ALICE PAUL did were BENEFICIAL for AMERICAN SOCIETY and helped AMERICA EVOLVE as a nation. ALICE PAUL with her work for WOMEN's RIGHTS/SUFFERAGE, is still felt TODAY. FREDERICK DOUGLASS freed himself from slavery and his work involved freeing others from slavery, getting the U.S. Union Army to use AFRICAN-AMERICAN soldiers to help the UNION fight the Confederates in the CIVIL WAR and MAINTAIN the country as 1. AUDI MURPHY is a World War II HERO. A brave and gallant soldier whose act of heroism for his country should NEVER be forgotten, especially at a time when AMERICA was fighting against the REAL EVIL of NAZI GERMANY, which at the time the NAZIS were invading and trying to control ALL of Europe. AUDI MURPHY is a true "CAPTAIN AMERICA." How can any singer like CELIA CRUZ, be given MORE value than those who put their LIVES in harms way MANY TIMES for the evolution of a entire society? A singer/entertainer/actor/athlete is given more importance than a person who is willing to die for their country, or change a society for the better? This is TOTALLY UNJUST and shows how MANY NEED to be INFORMED about HISTORY and the effects of the contributions the past has on the PRESENT. CHECK out the FACTS and "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE."


Celia Cruz was a Cuban artist whose name and talent will never be forgotten...as the popular saying states..."to know her was to love her..."

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