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May 11, 2012


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Chris Thomas

What an amazing group of American icons to be considered for such an honor. All deserve to decorate the walls of the Smithsonian.

I placed my vote for Celia Cruz as she exemplifies the best in today's American immigrant experience. Celia was forced from her homeland, seeking a free life; A life free from political persecution. A life where her inalienable rights as a human being were respected.

Celia's artistic achievements and philanthropic initiatives are well noted and will forever be remembered, but what is most important about her impact on American culture was her reverence for America and the importance of Citizenship. Celia Cruz is highlighted as a model naturalized citizen alongside Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Frances X. Cabrini, Kenneth B. Clark and many others in the Citizen's Almanac (http://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/Office%20of%20Citizenship/Citizenship%20Resource%20Center%20Site/Publications/M-76.pdf)a book produced by the the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Celia Cruz was a global ambassador, sharing her zest for a life of freedom, artistic expression and social responsibility, while remaining a beacon for Hispanic cultures and Latin music lovers.

Like the other luminaries in this group, Celia was a unifying force for humanity whose light will continue to burn bright for generations to come.

Maggie Martinez

Amazing lady! Azucar

Gerardo A Blanco

This is a great opportunity for us the Latin people to be able to vote for one of our best talented latin singer in our history. CELIA was an example for all generations. Her strong political position against the Castro's regime and her attributes as the best singer of latin music of all the times deserve our vote.

rosemary troino

she was a great artist and a great icon for the latin community.

Pasquale Catanzaro



Here's a Celia Cruz exhibit they did a few years ago. http://americanhistory.si.edu/celiacruz/

Though I love her albums, its time to spotlight someone else.

Hope is the too-often-forgotten Alice Paul!


Alice Paul is a critical figure who changed out country yet is too often forgotten these days. Her work changed life for half our population and the rest of us who interact with that half. Alice Paul definitely gets my vote.

Celia Cruz was a great performer but the Smithsonian recently featured her prominently in an exhibit that was in DC for quite a while. She had a recent chance to shine.


Today's demographics have shifted in favor of the Hispanic community, which no longer reflects the old Black versus White racial conflicts and prejudices of the past. Our interests are in the future and Celia Cruz represents that reality. For three generations of White, Black, Mestizo and brown Hispanics from everywhere, Celia was a shining example of dignity, success, womanhood, family values, inter-racial harmony and hard work under difficult conditions. Celia represents the future as we want it.

Humberto Garcia

Thanks for this oportunity to add one more data, not only she was a great artist and knew how to win our hearts with her music, she was a very patriotic one and never racist, she was a cuban lady with to much AZUCAR.
Humberto A.Garcia

Robert Moore

I am voting for Frederick Douglass because he changed America way of life--He was an American Statesman that still has great impact on all of our lives ---He was the first Black Presidential appointed United States Marshal and is the subject of a new book entitled "The Presidents Men: Black United States Marshals in America" He is a great Icon


She was a fantastic artist,voted for CELIA CRUZ

Marta San Roman

Celia Cruz known as the Queen of the Salsa was one of the most successuful Latin American music performance of the 20th century.

oscar r. alea

To one of the greatest Cuban artist

yenny vasquez

I voted for Celia because she used to be one of the most importan singer in our times.

JC Gonzalez

As I latino, I entered this site to vote and honor the great Celia. However, when I read the other "choies" I am going to vote for Frederick Douglas. You connot overstate the historical and social importance of Mr. Douglas's writings and work. As the father of the civil rights movement he laid the groundwork way ahead of his time. THe greatnes of Celia cannot be downplayed, but the work of Mr. Douglass is so much more important.

Marbel Ugando

Celia Cruz, an afro-Cuban woman, with so many different obstacles against her, reached tremendous achievements in the USA and the world. This was done while abiding by her high moral standards which is almost unheard of in the music industry. She deserves the greatest recognition that can be granted.


@David I'm sorry you feel that we only allow comments in favor of Celia Cruz. I assure you that we share all comments unless they contain obscenities, hateful speech, or other content prohibited by our Terms of Use.

Felicitas Lopez

celia is a wonderful example of someone that has great reconition and is a simple human been. she also had great talent of music and used it to remind us of what is the right things to do

Pam Scola

I'm going to have to vote for Alice Paul. She played a major role in the social reform and fought for women's rights, even after she was imprisoned and tortured. While k we need to remember while slavery isn't in the form of what it was back in the 1800's to early 1900's racism still exists, BUT moreover, blatant sexism and misogyny today exists, as it has for THOUSANDS of years, and it is just as ugly as it's been. WOMEN are 52% of the population and all conscious beings should insist that we are represented equally in all matter and manner.

Pam Scola

I'm going with Alice Paul, who was imprisoned and tortured along with several other women who fought for women's right to vote.

Given the numerous portraits of males, it's time to recognize women's contributions to our society. I mean, seriously, we are 52% of the population, although one would never know it based on the invisibility designed and manufactured by 'others'.

Mike George

Audie Murphy is considered by most historians to be America's greatest hero...of all wars. When Audie died in 1971, the nation wept.

Robert Mejias

Well its’ about time a great Spanish speaking American with such talent and humbleness, is chosen to possibly have their portrait hung at The National American museum of art

Celia Cruz was an inspiration of life and a great American. Proving you can achieve greatness in many ways and have such an impact on so many American lives all over the world. Maybe she wasn’t a U.S. political figure, but she was la guarachera de Cuba, ambassador of love and sweetness, well known as the Queen of Salsa and Latin soul, Celia’s English may have not been berry good looking, but Celia herself was beautiful, mined body and Latin Soul. For me, like lots others, had the pleasure to have experienced Celia’s greatness, but I feel that if she does win the vote, we are the winners, because our future of unborn American will have the benefit of getting to learn of such gretalent and inspiration. (Azucar)
Asta luegito Celia

Barry B. Freedom - Taylor

She is not only a Glory for Cuba, but also contributed to enrich the American, The Latin and The World's Music.

Mayra Sanz

Celia help teach my children to count in Spanish on Sesame street. Most of all she was a wonderful human being who supported many causes. Her music made you move even on your chair, it reached your heart.

Luis Herrera

I proudly cast my vote for the one and only Celia Cruz. She was a great ambassador for Cuba and spread our culture throughout the world. My mother told me before I learned to walk, I was dancing to Celia's music (Toro Mata) back in the Bronx. I'll never forget watching her live in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. She was / is a true lady in every sense of the word and a true class act. The one thing I will always be grateful for is that Celia taught me that Love is stronger than death. She is still with us and always will be.

Azucar mi negra! Te amo forever & ever!

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