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May 09, 2012


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Ramon Vallejo

I am Cuban-born... and Celia is my family's icon of Cuban music... I thank her for all she contributed to Cuban music, Cuban pride, Cuban culture. I thank her because she inspired my three American children, who have never stepped a foot in Cuba, to love Cuban music and our Cuban roots... We love you Celia...

Xenia Martinez

Celia Cruz is truly an icon, a genius, one-of-a-kind. No one has been able to fill her shoes or ever will. As of 2012, there is simply no one with her talent!

Odelin Fernandez

In my opinion, the most important fact is not that Celia was a great artist, but the fact that she was a paramount human being!!!

Jorge E. Garcia

As a Cuban-American I feel very proud about what Celia Cruz represented not only for the Republican free Cuba, but also for the historic cuban exiles. For the kind of person she was, for having been an excellent and unique singer I respecfully believe that she deserves a place in the Smithsonian Museun of American History.

Richard Saumell

Celia Cruz not only represented a style of dance music that became world renowned, but she also represented a people that were forced to flee their native land seeking freedom. However, the hearts of most of these exiles still longed for memories of that lost land and its culture. Celia provided that strong link to their past.


I was a Flight Attendant and I had the privilege to meet Celia Cruz during one of my flights. I remember being just a little intimidated to approach her, I mean this lady had an impacting personality but when I finally did, she gave me one of her iconic smiles and it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime. Celia Cruz was not only a one-of-a-kind performer, she was also a beautiful human being.

Juan de Marcos

Better to call her "The Quen of Son" or "La Guarachera de Cuba". Salsa is not a Musical genre but a commercial name to call precisely a kind of music which 95% of SON.

Juan de Marcos

Maria Victoria Fernandez

Celia was a singer out of this world.........AMAZING!! She was able to record in many different styles and kept up with the new generations. She will always live in our hearts and so will her music.

Dinorah Rangel

Celia was the Queen of Cuban music. She lives on through her music bringing everyone happiness and memories of times gone by. Long live Celia in our hearts.


This is awesome! This woman is amazing, her talent, her contribution to latin music in the world, etc. I saw her perform many time and was in awe of her every time I saw her. She was a hard worker and enjoy every minute on stage. Very humble, funny, smart, etc a legend for sure!

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