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May 09, 2012


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This is great! But please check your accents. For instance: lechón, "guantanamera" and "Guantánamo," Úrsula, García...

Orlando Pascual

I met Celia in New York, in the 60's together with Tito Puente, Machito y Graciela, Pacheco, Vicentico Valdéz y Mr. Babalú. I also saw her in Miami at El Centro Español and Sans Souci in Hialeah, 1974-75. She will live forever in our hearts "como la verdadera Guarachera de Cuba. Serás por siempre un ícono de la música cubana.

Tu voz y tu música sigue con nosotros por encima del tiempo y de la muerte.

Orlando Pascual-Cruz
Miramar, FL.

Esteban Macias

Celia was so great as human being as a singer...She was born in Cuba, but she belongs to the world, that's the reason she was called "La Guarachera del Mundo".

Eduardo Aparicio

Very nice essay by Melinda Machado. I also very much enjoyed the Smithsonian exhibit on Celia when it opened in Washington, D.C., and again when it traveled to San Antonio. I had the privilege of interviewing Celia in 1997 and keep her photo on my desk at work. She's a welcome daily presence that still brings joy.

Leyanie Diaz

Celia was and still is the queen of Cuban music. She had a magical way of connecting the cubans in exile and the cubans in the island even when it was illegal to listed her music in Cuba. She was a great human being and very simple. Love you Celia!!!

Dulce Davila

Celia Cruz was a music icon a beautiful woman both inside and out. I enjoyed listening and dancing to her music. Her music was so wonderful and powerful made the worst dancer wanna learn to dance salsa. MS.Celia Cruz gone but never ever forgotten. Que Dios la tenga en su reino. Descansa en paz REINA. AZUCARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Diaz

Celia Cruz extremely talented and extremely humble......what a rare iconic mix!
alicia diaz


We all should feel very proud. she is true representative of our music.

maria de antonio

celia was unique and represented the real cuban music and she brought a lot of happiness to the world. always will be in our hearts.


Celia besides her great voice, will live and be remembered for her sweetness, enthusiasm, and personality. Sad to know she was restrained to visit her beautiful native country "Cuba" as many cubans, leaving their close relatives & friends behind, an uncertain return or whereabouts, it's like tearing our soul into millions and never to fit the part of the puzzle and learn to live with that emptiness.. VIVA CUBA LIBRE !!!!

Julia del C. Aleman

Celia you have been my spiritual mentor. Although I never met you, I have a strong connection with your beautiful soul and your music. You will always be a role model for women around the world. You never succumbed to that market that promotes vulgarity and the exploitation of women to make them "famous". You were a class act. Siempre te tendre en mi corazon y gracias por toda la alegria que me has dado con tus canciones.

Carlos Ayala

Akthought she is known the world over as a larger than life mega star, the one quality which destinguishes her from the average person is her good heart and her humanitarian works. She cruz while still alive founded the celia cruz foundation which helps cancer victims and their families as well as helps underprivelaged students who persue studies in music. Celia Cruz always helping those in need.


Celia Cruz is musical icon. She is an inspiration to many and her music and sound will endure for generations to come. She was unique and extremely talented and was admired by many, old and young. She was one of a kind.

Lina G. Pérez-Daple

Celia Cruz was unique and although an international figure, the fame never got to her head. She was elegant, yet warm and humble and spread her talent and culture through music. Loved America, the country that opened it's arms, but never forgot her roots. Many have come and many more will again, but after her, the mold was broken! Never ever duplicated.

Maria Cristina Bell

She was unique, an icon not only for her incredible talent but because she was such a good and brave human being.

Jose M. Sentmanat

Celia Cruz was a musical genius, her talent, personality and music plus ¡Mucha AZUUUCAR! She deserves to be selected and I'm sure she will smile from her place in Heaven!

moraima reyes

the best

Ray Cruz

Que Viva La Reina! La Guarachera De Cuba...Celia Cruz!

samy sapayo

I loved Celia, there will not be another singer with her talent and modesty which she maintained through all the years. I knew her personally, she sent us Xmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and post cards from all over the world. If anyone will stopped her on the street she always talked to you and take your address if you wanted a authograph picture. No one with her talent will have done that. We all loved and admired her as a person and artist. She will never die in our hearts.
Samy and Gladys

Flora de las Cuevas

Greatest voice ever

Olga Suarez

I met Celia Cruz, once at a private party in Miami Beach over 25 yrs ago. When Celia arrived at the party, nobody knew that she was going to perform that night, what a beautiful surprise. She was a thunder on stage nobody stop dancing.

Luis A.boigues

Azucar, Celia Cruz The Quen of dance latin Music #1 For ever.

nestor bonulla

she was the BEST. she really new how to entertain us, when she would say AZUCARRRRRRRRR> Love her.

armando simon

She wrote her autobiography. Read it, it's good!

Nilsa Olivero

I met Celia Cruz twice once in Puerto Rico leaving a beautiful hotel with her husband. This was over twenty years ago and I was with my then teenage daughter. We just approached her and shared our appreciation for her music. She was shy and regal looking. The second time was in Washington D.C. and I was walking and literally walked into her space. When I look up it was Celia Cruz waiting for her driver with suitcases and her husband just coming to join her. I again shared a compliment and respected her space. Celia for me was a low key person until she got on the floor to sing and perform which I observed for many years in New York City. As a Puerto Rican I know we all adopted this wonderful artist for the giftedness of music, culture and complete acceptance of humanity.

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