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May 07, 2012


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Jo Ann Stevens

Audie Murphy has my vote. He was most definitely a great person as well as a national hero, who will never be surpassed.

Jeff L Norrup

As a product of the late 50's I was raised with the low budget westerns that Audie made and remember seeing "To Hell and Back", when I was a child. Many years later when it became time for me to serve my country, I wasn't quite sure what kind of Soldier I would be, or what was expected of me, other than doing my time and moving on with my life, but at the age of 18 I was sent to the 3rd Infantry Division and, was sent to Division Headquarters in Wurzberg Germany to wait for my duty orders. I sat for orientation into the Division and a nice officer had explained some things about the Divisions history, which at the time for someone my age didn't mean a whole lot, I was just a kid who came from a broken home,
and was shuffled thru foster care. Then they showed the movie "To Hell and Back", and when that movie was over, I was so moved and so touched by they way this young boy had to take of his family , and his men. That when I left to my duty station, I knew what kind of person I wanted to be for myself and my country . Audies story is a piece of real Americanism, of selfless service and sacrafice to all of us. I met him once when I was a child, my father had taken me to a place called Knotts Berry farm, and we sat in the John Wayne movie theater, and they introduced him and people applauded , and well I had no idea who he really was, to me he was a cowboy. I only wish now that I could have met him and told him that he made me be a better person than what I was, when I was a troubled teen that possibly could have been a troubled adult. Audie L. Murphy is an American Inspiration, and I believe that our Nations hero's come first to be honored, before artists and scientists...Thank You for reading.


The man is a national hero, Semper Fi,
Martin Hohenegger
USMC 66-72 VietNam 67-68Wia 12/67

Richard Morris Caret USMC Captain Ret.

Semper Fi


Lets honor who do the most to protect us and and gave it all. Poor boy raises to the height of a soldier.

Ed Wheeler

One of the weaknesses of a Democratic system
is that it relieves those responsible for making hard decisions from having to make them. Audie Murphy lies in honored glory in Arlington regardless of the outcome of this survey. Where are the rest of them?

Marilyn Hopewell

Audie is the only choice here. He was a true hero, thinking of others far more than himself. American has never known a more humble and committed soldier. He never seemed to give up on his country or those he cared about. His grave in Arlington National Cemetery is said to be the second most visited behind those of the Kennedys. I can certainly understand why he is so beloved for all he gave to this country.

Shirley Jean Paulk

Audie is and was the only true hero of the U.S.A. Few people
realize that even after the war he continued to give his time
and efforts for this country. In PSA's for the military, in donating his time for ride-along and assistance with local law enforcement patrols, and drug stings. Visiting wounded soldiers in hospitals and doing PSA's for polio and other childhood diseases. As a Free-mason and 32nd degree Shrinner he donated his time for many worthwhile causes. All of this was done without any thought of self grandizing or request for publicity. Not only will there never be a soldier such as Audie L. Murphy, there will also never be a humble patriot as Audie. May he rest in peace in God's eternal
love. He is the only true hero to vote for.

Robert H Weymouth Jr1

Audie suffered from post traumatic stress syndrom but was not an alcoholic. I am one. My father was one, but Audie was not. The strain and guilt he felt over the fact that he survived and others did not does not mean he turned to alchohol to solve any imagined guilt he had.
Audie Leon Murphy was the greatest war hero American has ever, ever known. "Little Texas" as his buddies knew him was a great leader, soldier and fighting man in the most glorious history and traditions of the United States Army. Sure, Audie got depressed but he did not drink to medicate himself. He toughed his way through it. Tragically, he died in 1971 in an air plane crash but he will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be my greatest war hero (second only to my Dad). Please give Audie every consideration without the scandal of alcohol abuse which he did not experience. May Audie L. Murphy rest in God's eternal peace. He and my Dad are talking about Anzio and the Italian campaign because you see, that is where my Dad fought as well. I wouldn't give a bean, to be a fancy pantsed Marine, I'd rather be a Dogface Soldier Like I am......may God bless Audie and my Dad forever. Due to their efforts, we are free to day.

Jerry Kovar

"He was and always will be a hero" is a true statement unfortunately his "addiction to alcohol" is so far from the truth that you are doing this hero a disservice. Can't the error be corrected, please.

Richard Rodgers

Ms. Walsh is absolutely correct. Audie Murphy did not smoke, rarely EVER drank (most friends of his said NEVER drank) and he was prescribed sleeping pills by a doctor to combat his insomnia after assuring Audie they were safe. Ms. Walsh has the rest of the details.

If need be, I will provide you cites and sources.

As the webmaster for the Audie Murphy Research Foundation, please fix this error.

The rest of the information is pretty much on the money.

Gerry Gerassi

No need to say more.
Audie is the man for every momorable event in the USA.
I vote for him.

MSgt G. L. White

Unfortunately, a lot of "historians" don't get much past a Wikipedia article for their research, or a couple of biographies -- many of which are either poorly researched, or were written primarily with sales in mind and print anything with shock value.

Looking at the choices for an American "icon," they were obviously picked with political correctness in mind, not their contribution to America or them actually deserving to be emulated by Americans, especially our youth.

Murphy is the only real choice here.


@Ruxy Thanks for your comment. Audie was a more complicated man than our brief post can adequately describe, but we can all agree that despite his troubles he was and always will be a hero.

Ruxy Walsh

Nice article but just to let you know Audie was NEVER an alcoholic or had problems with it.He rarely drank at all and if so it was wine w/dinner. This wrong info has been out there but is not correct. And as for the sleeping pills,he did get addicted because in those days the doctors thought they were "safe" to use. He got himself off the pills when he realized they were becoming a problem by locking himself in a hotel room and going cold turkey to get off of them. Audie was a true hero.

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