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April 04, 2012


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Great piece, but i didn't think Lee did surrender on April 15. It was earlier than that.

Jimmy Williams

Really enjoyed reading this I'm planning a trip to Washington this summer for a family wedding. The Smithsonian is one of the must sees on my list for the kids. I definitely will be sharing this story to get them excited so I guess Winchester (or Rienzi) you could say will rally my two little troops. Thanks for sharing


Good catch, @Logan. Horses are notoriously unreliable about checking calendars.

As for conservation, @Amanda, our curator said, "the only conservation issues we’ve had in recent years have been small crystals forming on the hide in certain areas."


I almost named my horse Rienzi in his honor. He's one of the things that most struck me about visiting the NMAH as a child.

Out of curiosity, is the bit part of the wooden understructure of the mounting now? If so, does it create conservation problems having the metal and the hide so close together?


Great piece, but Lee did not surrender on April 15. He surrendered on April 9.

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