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April 10, 2012


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Charles Sachs

We discovered Bernice Ellis who attended one of our annual Oceanic Navigation Research Society Titanic dinners in Los Angeles. She brought her camera, map and told how on an after thought, at I thnk her mother's suggested, "Go get your new camera," which she did (16 years old I think). And yes, when the press boat came up, they yelled up if anyone got pictures and she said yes and true, as long as processed the film free and returned the negatives she gave the rolls to them. My guess for Underwood and Underwood, one of their greatest historic photo finds. A friend just advised of the display. She told me she gave it to the Smithsonian a few years later and I wondered where it was. Thanks for bringing her story to light and get the exposure she deserved and cut line 100 years later.

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