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February 07, 2012


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Hartford's City Hall is located on Main Street. The current structure is the third location of the seat of government for Hartford. When the original wooden state house fell into disrepair, funding for its replacement came from – among other sources – a lottery in which citizens would purchase tickets at $5 each. It took two years for the lottery to raise enough funds for the reconstruction. It was common opinion at the time that there was a distinct lack of "the spirit of enterprise" in lottery speculations.


Wow - These pictures take me back. I grew up close-by in Manchester Conn.

The whole New England area has so much history, famous people-not the hollywood type & inventors. So many ideas & inventions have come from people in the area which have been a huge benefit to our nation as a whole.Those old red-brick buildings & mills - Takes me back.


What a great article on Hartford and Colt. Just one note; Colts home, Armsmear, was not just converted to retirement housing. It was left to the community in Elizabeth's will to serve as a place for women to live after their husbands (who at first were Episcopalian ministers) had passed away. To this day the house serves as a rent controlled safe environment for women. I think its important to honor Elizabeth and her will when people are looking for a National park centered on Coltsville...

Amy Gagnon

As a near-Hartford native and staunch supporter of all things Hartford, who so happens to be working on a Connecticut history project, it is refreshing to see Hartford portrayed in such a positive light. Our city is unique and beautiful, and loaded with history. Thank you for recognizing that.

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