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February 09, 2012


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Jonathan Wigginton

I have read people called him the "Black Babe Ruth," so I'd be comfortable saying Gibson would have consistently hit 30+ homeruns per season. Furthermore, multiply that 30/season by a 15-year career, and you're talking about an all-time top-10 slugger. Oh what could have been!

Frank Wright

I wonder how many homers Josh Gibson would have hit in Major League Baseball! He was such a huge part of the Negro Leagues and I would think he would have been an All-Star no doubt year in and year out. Glad he made it to the Hall of Fame in '72 though!

Jonathan Wigginton

I'm glad you enjoyed reading! Researching this object truly was a joy: reading about the World Series, the personalities, the statistics, as well as the time period all made me wish I had grown up in the 40s.

Mike B.

I always like reading about negro league baseball. It's amazing to hear names like Satchell Paige in 1942 as his career lasted long enough to play in the "white league." At 38 years old, it is odd for me to conceive of the inequalities that existed then given the fact that there are still inequalities, though less apparent. It is sad in some respects that names like Josh Gibson are not household names for fans of baseball as it sounds like he had a hall of fame career despite his early death.

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