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January 26, 2012


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Ross Chambers

I worked as a sound editor on the Canadian/New Zealand TV coproduction, "The Sound and the Silence" which was a biography of Alexander Graham Bell. It depicted several of Bell's questing experiments in sound technology and showed him as somewhat more than the inventor of telephony.

It would have been good to incorporate this recording. As it was the series did show Bell producing graphic sound patterns with a fine wire(?) on a glass plate covered in lamp black, and making a "talking" dummy from a dead sheep's head.

Great work, thanks.

Gordon Youd

I am curious to know by what method you are using to repair the old broken recordings.

My idea for a hands off safe method of recaptchering these recordings would be to use photography. Photograph each piece of broken disk and using an editor bring the broken parts together. make a negative of the new photographs and play them using light cell principals.

I started life as a cinema projectionist and the soundtrack on 35mm film was played by shining light through to a photo cell.

If you think this is a barmy idea, just throw it out. Gordon.

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