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January 17, 2012


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Andrew Shoes

I wonder how much you can learn from a culture through their shoes. That is intriguing! As a shoe-lover, I would probably do the same thing if traveling the world-- ship a pair home from each visited country or culture. I can imagine all the beautiful pairs one could find for cheap in Asia.

Kathy Novak

Always facinatied by the items people collect..this post is very timely as I will be facilitating a precentation with my local Optimist Club regarding estate auctions. The speaker likes to bring to his presentations information about items that were found that had historical value. (its that Traveling Road Show thing)..he told me he once had an estate auction which included over 250 pairs of ladies shoes (not a historical find...but fun!)...can't help but wonder if all of them were actually worn...

Thank you to this student for posting this very interesting article...I plan sharing it at our club meeting!


So these sandals show that they were trendy in that century. Isn't it surprising that these simple shoes are always fashionable? We love them!

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