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November 14, 2011


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great article

C. Piper

Freedom is taken for granted. Our younger generation do not know what it means to be FREE, or I should say, to NOT have freedom.

I must admit, history was not my subject. But, as I learned about things like communism and why foreigners risk their lives to come to America, the more I "saw" what I had.

Please do continue making history interactive so kids will take interest. Letting them experience what life would be like in a dictator type government would definitely be an eye opener.

Thank you for what you do!

Sgt. Mac

Having folded many an American Flag, as part of a high school Civil Air Patrol Squadron, we took exceptional pride and honor in folding our countries symbol of freedom.

I can't image folding a flag of that size, but watching the video, was amazed at how well older folks and youngsters took their duty.

A great example for the kids of today. Kudo's for this kind of interactive history lesson.

http://macsmilitary.com/sgtmacsblog..(Not for kids under 13).

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