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November 23, 2011


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The retail behemouths have become more important than the spirit behind the celebration and its not just thanksgiving, Christmas has shifted its focus as well and consumerism has gone crackers.

It's a shame, but take a second now and think about what it means to you, it can redress the balance.


thank you good admin


The stories are so heartfelt and moving... A day that has forever changed our beloved country.

Sonia Giles

I found this post very informative as to the origins of "Black Friday" and the evolution of marketing strategies to attract buyers. I actually am distraught at how earlier and earlier Christmas is marketed. I remember when each special event day was well defined by the selling adds - Valentines, Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. This year, our local stores already had Christmas decorations in October - before Halloween. I don't like it at all!!!


Well that's just great, everything to satisfy the customers right? Forget about the celebration of the Thanksgiving spirit, as it's all about the profits now. That's actually terrible to hear, as people had endured before on the same time doing their "Black Friday" shopping or whatnot.

Seeing your gallery, there really had been so many changes up until now.


I live in the UK and the phonoemon happens over here as well! It is crazy how everything just mental!

I agree with the above comment, 5% is really a minute number, BUT, things will change!

epic music

Great post, it still amazes me how little of the economy is online. I saw a stat, I think it was still only 5% of total market items are sold online. There is still so much more to come to the online world that will change retail so much.

Cheers and thanks for the insight.


This is very true.I do enjoy San Francisco during the holidays as it still retains its spirit as well as Honolulu,which tries hard to make up in decoration for lack of snow! Its super pretty and no one cries about the snow.

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