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November 16, 2011


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Family Guy

Nice post. Congratulations!

Olympia SEO

It is great to see the old photos of the monitors.

The cartoon is really great. When I first saw the cartoon it reminded me of the old "portable" oxygen tanks. Yes, you could be out of the hospital or care unit, but there was nothing portable about it..lol. Now, you look in any town and people of any age that need oxygen can get out of their houses.

Great invention.

Great information.



Quite coincidental I have found this blog post. I have just returned from Spain where I had a heart scare along with high blood pressure. The doctors in Spain fitted me with a "mapa" for 24 hours. This is of course the modern day variant of this old Holter Monitor. I prefer the latest version. Good to see the photograph though.


This was a monitor used in the 1970's and technology was still good back then. Of course technology has advanced greatly since then and things have come a long way. The Holter Monitor has did wonders back in those days and will always be remembered.

jendela dunia

I remember those pictures like it was yesterday.


Amazing that they could accomplish that with the technology at the time. The Mini-Holter Recorder reel to reel pictures is simply astounding.

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