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October 06, 2011


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Steve was a true inspiration to us all. He changed my out look on life.


Steve did a great job! Not only he invented a new revolution in computers and media material, he also was a great genius!


RIP Steve Jobs, it was a great man


Steve jobs was possibly the greatest business man of our era. His visionary skills propelled apple into the position they are today and I can't see anyone who could come close to filling his shoes.

The tech world truly lost a leader and an innovator.

Bier ausgeben

Steve Jobs: He was a pioneer, an attentive visionary and his death is a terrible loss to the world. RIP :-(

MM web design

Steve Jobs was clearly the most outstanding business thinker, unique technology pioneer and a true visionary. He inspired people to do the impossible, and he is probably the greatest computer innovator in history.

Menachem Lifshitz

Steve Jobs is the epitome of a tech and market leader. Those who know him will surely miss the one who started the boom of mobile innovation.


I am quite sab about hte death of Steve Jobs, he was a great man, a very important man, he made my life much more easier thanks to Iphone's and Mac's =)

steve morris

Steve Jobs was an innovator and a gentleman although myself am not an apple user I certainly appreciate the input this man has had to the computer industry. he defiantly made being a geek chic.

Gezond ontbijt

R.I.P Steve Jobs You made my life easier with your amazing products

thank you


The death of Steve Jobs is a terrible loss to the world. He was definitely one of the most innovative men to walk on earth.

May he rest in peace.


Diablo 3

Steve was an inspiration to us all, and will still be one for many years to come. A true genius whos name will be etched into the history books as one of the worlds most brilliant of inventors. RIP Steve


Steve Jobs has made ​​a great career. He has given us a new perspective on the world. His inventions have manifested in our everyday lives. That not do every product.

hicham samar

The man was a popular Icon. he revolutionized the computer and electronics industries. May he rest in peace

Ashley Mover

RIP Steve Jobs
I must say that he was an attentive visionary and did stuff that others wouldn't have even thought of a true legend.

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