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October 12, 2011


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Kevin Barrett

Thanks for honoring such a great man. People like Frank are disappearing and I'm afraid there are not many in line to replace him and his passion. He will be greatly missed.


I think it's very important for any community to remember its past, and its pioneers.

Caroline Sound

Sad to hear of his death but he must have made a lot of peoples lives so much the richer just by challenging sterotypes and backing those who perhaps didn't conform to the norm.
Good to see that he won't be forgotten and the museum can use the artefacts to keep his memory alive

deg farrelly

Does the Smithsonian collection include one of Frank's "Gay is Good" buttons?

I have one that he gave me at a Gay Liberation conference at Rutgers University in 1972.

Would it be a worthwhile addition to the collection?

Don Charles "Stuffed Animal"

It is an insult to the memory of Frank Kameny to say that he fought for the rights of "queer" people. Please remove that ignorant term from this blogpost immediately! It hails from the horrible years when most people believed LGBT folk were mentally ill. The overarching message of Frank Kameny's lifelong activism is that NO HUMAN BEING IS QUEER . . . we are all equal and deserving of respect!

Karina Fernandez - Enigmas

This man all his life fought for the rights of individuals and fairness among them. It has changed a little this world and opened the eyes of many, many more are missing but we are on track which is important. thanks

David Murray

I remember seeing Frank on late-night TV here in Chicago, shortly after I moved here from Pittsburgh. It was about 20 or 30 years before I recognized that I was gay and found the guts to come out. I admired Frank for what he was doing. And every time I saw someone like him on TV, or in person, it kind of legitimized the feelings I was having. At the time I was having only "back-alley" male sex, but here was a guy who was educated and spoke very clearly of what he thought the role of gay people in American society should be. I am in his debt... just as I am also indebted to Harvey Milk and others who had the courage to speak out.
Thank you, Frank, from someone who was in the closet for oh so long.

Louisville MLS

I had never heard of Frank Kameny before, but I enjoyed reading about his contributions to civil rights...

Lethal Commissions

I am sorry about the dead of Frank Kameny, he was a really good man, he improved the civil rights and helped lots of people to not feel different from the others =)


Thanks for this remembrance--it's good to see his achievement and his generosity celebrated by the museum.

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