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October 25, 2011


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Thanks for the information. What an interesting way to document his travels and battles.


that violin with the war diary on it is AMAZING. What a unique way to document ones travels. Amazing what people back then did as that violin was very special to that soldier. I'm going to show this to some of my music students I am coaching. Very, Very cool!

Rob Lobos

Do you know what the value of Solomon Conn violin is? I also wonder of the inscriptions on the body affected the tone in any way?

Marc Azada

I absolutely agree. You can always find music in unexpected places. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about music. I've learned a lot from you!


Intriguing and fascinating to say the least, really looking forward to the next part.

Music has and will always play more of a part
in society, culture, history, present and future in more ways than we will know.

Menachem Lifshitz

since the early civilization, music has already played it main role - a food for the soul. its influence on us is spectacular.

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