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September 02, 2011


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A closet Sci-Fi geek

I am no expert on any brand of sci-fi eye wear (Battlestar Galactica or otherwise, lol)but I would still offer that they would likely have been made available to visitors of Universal Studios at the time as well as at the other retail outlet locations you offered up as examples. Universal Studios logo usage has often in the past been associated with specific runs of product that have been made available (at least at some point of sale) at their own theme park retail location. Again this is just an educated guess to some extent but one I would feel is quite likely.

Optometrist in Hollywood Fl

I wish they still made those glasses. I would definitely carry them at my practice. I'm a huge fan! We need another Battlestar Galactica series and some glasses to go with it. Thanks for sharing story!


I'm not a fanatic like that but it was interesting to see.
Great post!

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