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September 01, 2011


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Caroline Sound

TSA may not have exsisted before and on September 11 but it was born from it and so deserves to be a part of the remembrance.

John O'Sullivan

Will you display the paper shredder the TSA used to destroy the Bill of Rights? I think most folks would like to see that. Thanks!


None has done it better than this post,TSA has done a commendable job

Mike Toreno

Shirts accumulate the most wear from being put in the washing machine. How is the fact that a shirt exhibits wear a sign of hard work and especially how is it a sign of "professionalism"? Most people have been through airports; there is nothing from the TSA that you can put in an exhibit that is going to make people associate the TSA with professionalism.

Allison Strickland

TSA didn't exist on 9/11. It is not part of the story of that day and doesn't belong in this exhibit.

Peter Write

I commend the TSA for their efforts in security for the great job they have done.A great post no one could of said it any better.
God Bless America.

A federal retiree

Excellent, moving, inspiring...these are the words which come to mind after reading this material. Despite its detractors we are far better off with TSA than to leave our security to chance. This article and the writer speaks clearly to a part of the lives of these everyday heroes. Thank you.

A federal retiree

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