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September 26, 2011


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Very well put together, not many people would be willing to get into such a touchy subject. Maybe that's why It's simply not talked about. Which of course is a shame.

Bethanee Bemis

I cannot speak to other servicemembers, but before the Army Maternity Work Uniform, women who were allowed to remain in the service (in the early years they were discharged) wore their civilian clothes and thus would not have been allowed to wear their insignia.

BJ MacMillan

Can anyone tell me if it is true that prior to the Army Maternity Work Uniform that: Only prisoners and pregnant women in the Army were not allowed to wear their badges and awards? I was told that at some point in my career in the 1980s and am trying to find confirmation of it. I would think because prior to the uniform pregnant women could not wear their uniforms at at certain point in time thus they could not wear their badges and awards.

Bethanee Bemis

@Joe Murray,

We did have a mix-up with the USAF uniform's image, and have corrected the error. The uniform now depicted is listed in the USAF uniform guidelines as an officer's maternity mess dress uniform, but is not the exact uniform we have in our collection. It is interesting to note, however, that the officer's and enlisted women's maternity uniforms are most often the same basic pieces and differ only in their insignia. Thank you for your comment!

Herb Davies

Fine article on a topic that is not often mentioned. It must be tough for the military to establish guidelines for women who become pregnant. Now that women are close to the front and taking a more active role in operations. they have to be more likely to suffer injury to there fetus if near concusive incidents.

Thank you for the great article.

Herb D


I like this uniform

Laura Lewandowski

I served 10 years active duty. I was never pregnant. But, when my very gung ho friend returned from her six weeks of maternity leave, she found on her desk orders for her to go to Korea for a year by herself--no baby, no husband. She left the military. Glad to hear that this cruel policy is under scrutiny.

Joe Murray

The uniform pictured at the top of this article is not a female officers uniform. That uniform is one worn by an E-6 Tech Sergeant. While the person mentioned, Carol Rupe, may have gone on to acheive the rank of Captain during her career, that is not the uniform she wore as a Captain.

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