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September 15, 2011


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Jazz Saxophone

Additionally, his simpatico with the musicians of the time is obvious. His desire to make the the music the best it could be and to make the musicians as comfortable as possible contributed greatly to the magic of the sounds.

Elias Haslanger

There are jazz recordings today that don't sound as good as Rudy's '50s recordings do. A true visionary who knew what the music was supposed to sound like.

Ken Theriot

It is unbelievable to see that advances in home recording since then. I'll bet you had to be very rich...and have lots of space:).


They have created the albums taken on its own. When considered together with its three companions recorded in those few long sessions at Hackensack, Miles and Rudy defines the body of work that was central to the future development of jazz.

Manuela Perez - Vudu

"Night at Birdland" was one of the most significant levied Van Gelder. Engineer is the musical that changed music history forever. All jazz musicians who worked and recorded with this person were big stars.

swarovski uk

read the post ,you can know more .perhaps you can know the important.Van Gelder did not exclude other labels and worked engineering for Prestige, CTI, Savoy and Vox Records.


Great stuff! Thanks.

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