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September 07, 2011


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laura hennings

I was at work when customers were coming in saying " Have you heard the news ? Terrorists are using passenger planes to attack The Towers "
My sister-in-law frantically rang asking "have you any news from your brother who is in N Y now .
It was panic. My twin was in NY, and what if they visited The Towers since a meeting was scheduled that day nearby ?
His company luckily had news that they were safe.
But not so lucky for many as we now know.
Bin Laden may be dead but Al Quaeda's legacy lives on, so I support for what our soldiers are doing in Afghan soil and elsewhere.


This is a sad event that is very hard to discuss. Even if you were not a victim of this attack the memory still remains.
I have to mention the beautiful memorial. It is now a historical land mark.


This day seemed so surreal. I had just moved from California back to Houston, TX when this happened. Even scarier was watching the second plane hit while live on the news. Though this was a major tragedy -- The unity of America could be felt from state to state.

Julie A. Belland

I was at my parents home with my 4yr. old daughter. I felt like I was being choked. Everyone was frozen and eyes were glued to the TV. Before the first tower fell I felt I needed to get out of the house. Without really understanding why I went to the garage and grabbed the American Flag that was still on its pole in the corner. I was walking down one of the main roads of our city holding the Flag above my head then started to jog. I made it to our first over pass near the free way but didn't go up it fearing my presence with the Flag may cause an accident. I waved it high in the air the rest of the day. In my mind at that moment I was saying, "Wake up, get off your feet, United we Stand, Now lets do something!" I could not donate blood due to an illness, nor money as I'm disabled. However, I'm 5'11" and people saw me & responded in the ways they could . I went out to the same spot 4 days in a row to honor The People of the Twin Towers, The Pentagon, & Flight 93. We are One Nation Under God. God Bless the USA!

Jennifer Hahn-Silvestri

I was walking on Spring Lake beach that day and it was a beautiful blue sky and all of a sudden I saw this HUGE CLOUD of the BLACKEST smoke I have ever seen. I stood there just watching this black smoke getting larger and larger in the sky. I said to myself there is something really bad going on in the city. I drove home and put the t.v. on and then I saw the second plane crash into the tower. I did not think it was for real but then I thought of the BLACK SMOKE on the beach and said, "this is really happening." Every year on Sept. 11 I walk on the beach and think of that day the BEAUTIFUL SKY that all of a sudden it turned BLACK..:( The sight of that BLACK smoke will be with me for the rest of my LIFE...


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today is a difficult day. The memories are painful and some of the wounds I fear may never heal. Yet I pray you will help me to go on living for truth, firm in my hope of your salvation. May I live for you, Lord, and by doing so, be an example to my friends and family. I pray, just like Jesus, I may learn obedience through these things that I have suffered. Help me not to question why, yet even if I do, give me courage to continue to trust you. Help me take the comfort and strength you've poured into my life and use it to comfort and strengthen others who need hope.

I pray I might become a better person and help make the world a better place because of this terrible event. Thank you for the heroes that gave so sacrificially on September 11. Help me to remember their courage and learn from them. I want my life to be worthy of you Lord, so make of it what you desire, and use me to fulfill your purposes. May the evil of that day cause me and my family to work harder to do good on this earth and to bring your light into the dark places. Help me to never stop believing in you and living my life for you.

Lord, heal all those who were crushed and broken on that day. May they come to experience your presence and know your peace.

Jeff Gates

Beyond "Where were you..." That's what I was thinking as I wondered how I could respond to the attacks on 9/11. I'm a storyteller and wanted to do a storytelling website. So instead of creating a simple "where were you" platform, I began to think how our individual vantage points that day determined how we experienced 9/11.

I've created "Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place" (http://outtacontext.com/dichotomy). It asks viewers to post their stories from two different points of view: "Participants," those who were in NYC or DC or had loved ones or friends who were affected by the tragedy directly and "Witnesses," those elsewhere who experienced the day via the media.

One story from each category is placed next to each other to highlight how "place" determined our experience.

There are some amazing stories on the site. And you can still submit a story if you wish.

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