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September 11, 2011


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Everyone remembers where they were that awful day. And everyone can remember how important the tv really was to help us understand, grieve and try to move forward.

I've gotta agree with most comments here on how powerful it really is. Let's hope we can avert something like this in the future and pray for worldwide peace.

Richmond Locksmith

The stories are so heartfelt and moving... A day that has forever changed our beloved country.


Lets pray that this will never happen any where.


They were great heroes! My heart ache every year when glanced back the incident.



christmas cards

It's now time to remember as to what had happened to the September 11, 2011 attack. People need to be hopeful and be strong enough.

Mandy Morrison

Extremely power and moving! My heart breaks every time I see these!

laser level guru

I would have thought it would be a lot more effective if they had these objects on show for the whole year


Why can't these objects be displayed longer so that more people can see them?

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