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June 22, 2011


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Rosemary Strijbos

Beautiful piece of lace. Was in Brugge Belgium April and enjoyed the women doing the bobbin lace.

Devon Thein

It is wonderful that this lace treasure is available for the public to see. Hillwood has certainly perceived that the public is interested in seeing lace masterpieces. The growing interest in lace as a textile medium as exemplified in the latest issue of Surface Design Journal and the Powerhouse Musueum's contest should send the message that it is time to put more lace on exhibit.

Sue Reddick

This is the most beautiful and intricate work of lace that I have ever seen. I'm sorry that she had to sell it. It is wonderful that
it has been donated to the museum and you are showing it. I hope I can make it to the museum before it is returned. Thank you for allowing it to be photographed!

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