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May 31, 2011


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Alex Heuvel

I remember in the 80's there was so much fear and stigma attached to HIV. My cousin's husband died of aids in the early 80's from a blood transfusion and it was hush hush back then. Thank goodness education has led to more acceptance and empathy.

Julie Andrews

Wow...how incredibly poignant this story is...I began my Health/PE career at the onset of this epidemic in the early 1980's. I continue to make sure my students know who Ryan White was, what the letters GRID mean, and will pledge to do. It's amazing to me with the information available to our youth their basic ideas about HIV remain no better than they did when I started teaching. I hope people will remember that just because things are so much improved healthwise we continue to have a big job to do in educating our youth. Silence equals death rings true today just as it did in the dark years of ignorance and neglect...

The AIDS.gov Team

We are looking forward to this exhibit! It's a valuable resource for people of all ages to learn about the history of the AIDS epidemic.

For more information and resources about Federal government activities and 30 years of AIDS, visit http://aids.gov/thirty-years-of-aids/


Gary: Thanks for your question. Marcia provided us with the following resources to share:

A short guide sheet for parents from The Heart of Richmond AIDS Society at: http://www.heartofrichmond.com/PDF/teaching_children_about_hiv.pdf .

A PDF of a book for younger kids (grades 1-3) that covers basic prevention info, put out by NY State Education Dept. It’s at http://www.health.state.ny.us/diseases/aids/docs/doh-9535.pdf .

A range of materials for parents, younger children, teens, from NY State Dept of Health. At http://www.heartofrichmond.com/PDF/teaching_children_about_hiv.pdf

Avert also has some lessons, mostly for older kids/teens, at http://www.avert.org/lessons.htm

Gary Stone

Are there any online resources available to teach children about AIDS?

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