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May 12, 2011


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I am not a collector per se (I try to get rid of stuff, not collect it), but as a not-completely-housebound agoraphobic, I suppose one could say that I collect blogs. The internet enables me to form "fake" relationships with many people and keep connected to the world of ideas.

Al Wyles

My particular foible was and still is collecting football programs. People consider you sad, but really you are collecting memories of the stadia / cities visited. Each one points to a particular time in your past. Absolutely priceless.


Like a previous poster, I collect travel memorabilia, but mine is refrigerator magnets. They take up a small amount of space and provide great memories of my travels. Besides, my grandchildren like to play with them when they come over.

I would like to see the menus though, that would be cool.


When I was younger I collected baseball hats. I wouldn't just go to any store and purchase the hat... the hat had to be bought in the city the team played in.

Currently, i have a collection of around 30 hats from places my family and friends have traveled to. Each hat is linked with a fond story and memory of that person or my trip.


Please consider digitizing these menus and cooperating with the NYPL What's on the Menu? task force (http://menus.nypl.org/) to get them transcribed.

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