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April 14, 2011


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Ann Manheimer

Thanks for the insights into not only the importance but also the joy of history.

I saw this boat when I visited D.C. last (from California). What an amazing artifact! And the way you imagined it, thinking about the real people involved, makes it come alive and personal.


kathleen duey

Beautifully said and TRUE.

Ben and Nicole Motz

Glad to hear that an internship at SI actually does pay off, albeit figuratively. Interesting juxtaposition between sailing off in a revolutionary-era gunboat to battle tyranny and sailing off into a career to create a brighter future. Keep your breeches well-buckled!


What a great story - not only did you take the initiative to follow your dream, but you have taken action in helping the museum provide educational benefits which will be very valuable to the upcoming generation.

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