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March 28, 2011


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Wow - what a moving story. My children and I are planning a trip to DC next month. I don't know why but we hadn't even considered going to the Museum of American History....we will now! Thank you for sharing this story!

Teresa Lambert

I visited the museum for the first time this week ever (I'm 47!) and have to tell you, I felt the same way. I know plenty about our country's history but was very moved seeing that flag. And I still can't quite explain it, it just moved me to tears. I'm happy that your son felt the same way, and he's fortunate to have that experience at his age.

Cars Dublin

That story is so touching, for such a small child to feel such passion for his country, I hope to that he grows up with the same passion!

Bob Pittman

I started to tear up just reading this.


This was my favorite exhibit of all the museums I visited during a trip last year. I bought the book on the exhibit so I could share my excitement, and patriotism, with my family who was not traveling with me at the time. IT IS AN AWESOME EXHIBIT. VERY WELL DONE!

Julie from American History Fun Facts

What a moving letter! Thank you, Kenneth, and the National Museum of American History, for sharing with us!

It's touching to read about how much seeing the Star Spangled Banner flag meant to a five year old boy. Many adults could learn from him. That flag is so special and has much history attached to it. We should all see it through Evan's eyes....

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