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February 05, 2011


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Naomi Coquillon

Glad you enjoyed it! The archived webcast will be available on the Museum's website (http://americanhistory.si.edu/webcast/) and through Smithsonian's History Explorer (http://www.historyexplorer.si.edu) soon. You can also find a recording on the conference website: http://smithsonianconference.org/freedomrides/

Xiaou Chin

I attended and want to thank you for such an amazing event. Do you plan to compile the videos to a DVD for sale?

Naomi Coquillon

Gary, on behalf of the team here, thank YOU for your very kind words and for your interest in our resources. It's heartening to hear from educators that these programs are valued. If we were to host another similar program, what topic would you and your students like to see addressed? Let us know! And if you have questions about the K-12 resources on our website, please feel free to email us at thinkfinity@si.edu.

Gary J Brumbelow

As an educator and a graduate student working on my Masters of Arts in Educational Technology at Michigan State University, I am constantly looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of my lessons through technology. A strong part of my philosophy of education stems around the premise that technology should be enveloped in all areas of curriculum; to enrich the learning process and to continually keep educational practices relevant to today’s world. I believe, especially with today’s technology, that we should bring history alive for our students. As educator’s, we should strive to use every means possible to bridge a connection between our students and this countries rich history. I was excited to read this post and see the amazing ways that you are bringing history alive and into our classrooms.

I want to thank you for your commitment to bringing new and innovative educational opportunities to our students. Your efforts have provided an opportunity for our students to not just learn facts and dates from a textbook, but to participate in and connect to our nation’s history and history makers. I applaud your efforts and I thank you for providing us with historically factual and relevant educational opportunities that utilize technology to enhance our subject matter. I am new to your site and I look forward to discovering all of the educational possibilities you have to offer. Please keep up the fantastic work!

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