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January 12, 2011


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Michael Rose

Interesting that #1 and #2 were both connected to Harry Miller. Preston Tucker worshiped Miller and the two went into business together designing race cars after Miller's bankruptcy. The spirit of performance and innovation was alive in both of them but unfortunately, neither one could parlay that into long-term business success. But their legacies endure long after the cars produced by more financially solid enterprises have faded from our collective memories. One of the more interesting products of the Tucker/Miller joint venture was the Tucker Combat Car.


John R Tucker Jr

I am very proud that Miller and Tucker will be together again. Preston and Harry were great friends and the "Tucker 48" is in many ways a tribute to Harry Miller and his genius. They first met in Indianapolis in the 30's and were friends until Harry's death. Thank you to all who voted.
John R Tucker Jr, grandson of Preston Tucker

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