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December 17, 2010


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The voting is working as intended: you vote once, and the 2 cars with the most votes will be displayed. Sorry for the confusion!

Jack Owens

Your vote totals may be troubled by a technical error. I voted for Long's tricycle. However, when I voted for the 1903 Oldsmobile as my second choice, the check was removed from the tricycle. When I went back and check the tricycle, my check was removed from the Oldsmobile. If this is happening to a lot of people who vote for two cars, the vote will privilege the vehicles that are closer to the bottom of the list and virtually eliminate the two at the top. I found another way into the site to vote a second time and discovered the same problem. [Just for the record, I voted once for the Long and with the second opportunity, voted for the Oldsmobile, so my vote was not tabulated twice for a single vehicle.] I thought that you would want to know about this problem, which should be fixed for the second time you try this vote. Great project!


This shouldn't be up for vote because technically it is a motorcycle not a car.

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